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1)     How can I rent a boat on Easy Boat Booking?
2)     Do you need a permit to rent a boat?
3)     What are the usual hours of a boat rental?
4)     Do you pay a deposit renting a boat?
5)     Is the cost of fuel included in the price of the boat?
6)     Can we get someone to drive the boat?
7)     Can we rent a water taxi?
8)     Is it possible to sleep on the boat without paying extra?
9)     What will happen if the weather is bad?
10)   From which port can I start my journey from?
11)   Do you offer any activities while on the boat rental?
12)   Is boat insurance is included in the rental price?
13)  How many people can board the boat?
14)  How many people are allowed on the boat?
15)  Can we organize an event on a boat?
16)  Can you bring small children on board?
17)  Does the boat come with any safety equipment?
18)  Does the boat provide food and beverages?
19)  Do you have boats designed to accommodate people with disabilities?
20)  Are Pets allowed on board?
21)  How to check the availability of a boat hire?
22)  I want to leave feedback about my rental boat, where can I do this?
23)  I wish to subscribe / unsubscribe to your newsletter?
24)  I would love to visit you, is it possible?


1) How can I rent a boat on Easy Boat Booking?
To rent a boat on Easy Boat Booking is simple, go to the "Boats" section at the top of the website. Then select your search criteria in the drop-down menu and your away!
You can also contact us if you know exactly what you want with the tab "Custom", or at the following phone number : +33(0)6 58 92 15 86

2) Do you need a permit to rent a boat?
This depends on the boat you wish to rent. Easy Boat Booking has a variety of boat that can meet your expectations whether you have a licence or not.
-If you have a boat licence:
You can rent one of our boats from the age of 18, provided that you do not navigate more than six miles off the coastline.
-If you do not have a boat licence:
You can rent one of our boats if you are over the age of 18, we will provide you with a boat that is less than or equal to 6hp provided that you stay near to the coast.

3)  What are the usual hours of a boat rental?
-          One day rental = from 9am to 5pm or from 10am to 6pm ( 8 hour rental)
-          Half day rental = 4 hour rental either in the morning or in the afternoon.

4) Do you pay a deposit renting a boat?
Everything depends on your type of boat rental: if you decide to rent the boat by yourself with your boating licence, you must pay a deposit which will be refunded at the end of your journey. The amount of the deposit depends on the size of the boat.
If you decide to rent a boat with a skipper, no deposit will be required.

5) Is the cost of fuel included in the price of the boat?
Fuel is not included in the boat rental price. The boat will be provided with fuel and we charge what you have spent on your trip.

6) Can we get someone to drive the boat?
Of course! We have several multilingual skippers who will take you wherever you want to go. However, this service is not included in the rental price of the boat.

7) Can we rent a water taxi?
Yes of course! We can drop you off and pick you up wherever you wish. We have a wide range of semi-rigid boat rentals with different size motors, which will transfer you from point A to point B safely, and save you from suffering the well-known summer jams of the French Riviera.

8) Is it possible to sleep on the boat without paying extra?
If you rent a boat for the day, there will be additional fees if you want to sleep on board. If you rent your boat more than a day, you can sleep on board free of charge.

9) What will happen if the weather is bad?
If weather conditions are bad, the boat rental will be postponed or partially reimbursed (90%).Your safety is our priority and we do not want you to take any risks.

10) From which port can I start my journey from?
Boarding generally takes place on the dock where the boat is moored. However, we can collect you from nearby ports. Please note that the transfer from port to port will be charged as an extra cost.

11) Do you offer any activities while on the boat rental?
On some of our boats, water sports equipment is available. So you can enjoy your boat trip with Jet Skiing, water skiing or kayaking. Please specify this in your rental boat and we will gladly find an offer to suit your needs.

12) Is boat insurance is included in the rental price?
Yes, all our boats are insured and the price is included.

 II)                  RELATED TO THE BOAT RENTAL 

13) How many people can board the ship?
It depends on the boat you rent, but in general, the French regulations require a maximum of 12 people on a boat, including the crew. Do not hesitate to contact us by mail or at the following phone number : +33(0)6 58 92 15 86, we have several models of ships for rent with a higher capacity.

14) How many people are allowed on the boat?
We have different models of boats for rent. Depending on how many people you will be on board and depending on your budget, we will advise the boat that best suits your needs. Our boats can accommodate a dozen to several hundred people.

15) Can we organize an event on a boat?
Some of our boats are ideal for events such as a wedding, a party or a birthday. By visiting our website or by contacting us by phone at +33(0)4 93 91 97 34 or or +33(0)6 58 92 15 86, we will find you a boat that suits your event.

16) Can you bring small children on board?
Yes, provided they are in under supervision by a responsible adult. We will issue each child a lifejacket suitable for their size.

17) Does the boat come with any safety equipment?
All our boats are equipped with the required safety equipment. You will have the maximum amount of lifejackets available on board.

18) Does the boat provide food and beverages?
Of course! Make a list of your needs and we will ensure that everything is on the boat rental before your arrival. Please note that these food and beverages will be added to your boat rental price as an extra cost.

19) Do you have boats designed to accommodate people with disabilities?
Some boats can accommodate people with disabilities. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information at the following phone number : +33(0)6 58 92 15 86 or by mail on the rental of suitable boats.

20) Are Pets allowed on board?
Pets are generally not allowed on board the boats but depending on the type, they can be accepted. Contact us at the following phone number : +33(0)6 58 92 15 86 or by mail for more information.

21) How to check the availability of a boat hire?
To check the availability of a boat you want to rent, simply give us a call at or +33(0)6 58 92 15 86, or send us an email via the "contact" tab. We will reply as soon as possible to your request.

III)                  OTHER QUESTIONS

22) I want to leave feedback about my rental boat, where can I do this?
To share your opinion, you can send us an email at the following address: easy@easyboatbooking.com.  State your comment, your signature (Family name, first name) and the period of your boat rental. We will consider your comments, positive or negative in order to improve ourselves even more and better meet your expectations!

23) I wish to subscribe / unsubscribe to your newsletter?
You can subscribe / unsubscribe from our newsletter by accessing the "Newsletter" at the bottom of the page Site Easy Boat Booking page.

24) I would love to visit you, is it possible?
At Easy Boat Booking, we love visitors! Feel free to visit us in our office, it will be our pleasure!
To find us, our office is located at 2 Quai de l'Amiral Courbet in Villefranche-sur-Mer, on the 1st floor of the chapel of St. Peter.

25) What are the Terms & Conditions for renting a boat with EasyBoatBooking?

Terms & Conditions 

The payments must be completed as follows: to secure reservation 50%, before reservation complete remaining 50%; 3 days before the rental
All cancellations must be notified to the broker by the client. If the cancellation is more than 60 days before the departure date, the advance payment remains with the broker. If the cancellation is between 60 and 30 days before the departure, 50% of the contracted payment remains with the broker, if it is less than 30 days, 100% of the payment remains with the broker.
A- The period in which it has been concluded in the present contract will not be changed unless it has been agreed by the owner and is measurable within the rental contract.
B- The payments will remain with the broker if the client asks to terminate the contract for whichever cause this may be. 
C- The rental amount will stay with the broker, whether the client has used the boat or not during their rental period.
D- In all cases, if the owner manages to rent the reserved boat again, they will reimburse the full agreed amount.
E- If the boat read isn’t in the appropriate state to navigate, this will be due to it not fitting the criteria of safety and conforming to these rules, and if the client cannot propose a boat of similar or superior characteristics, they can remove their part in the present contract and to terminate the payments made previously without damaging both parties’ interests.
In the case following direct damage during the previous rental or a preconclusive event of which is beyond the broker’s control, the owner or their representative will not give the desired boat on the agreed date, the broker will either be obligated to provide a boat of equivalent size and dimensions or superior accommodating to the same number of guests or to reimburse the payment already transferred. This termination will be made in correspondence to the loss of enjoyment during the rental period.  
A- The owner declares to have signed an insurance policy guaranteeing the below which cover the following:
- Damages caused to the boat, it’s accessories and it’s dependent items on board, partial and total theft and engine failure. The client remains with their own insurance to determine the payment amount between themselves and the franchise.
- the appeal for damaged materials and for physical damage (legal liability).
B - The payment of insurance is stated in the rental price.
C - The insurance policy does not cover for transported persons on the boat, who may be victims as a consequence of these accidents on board. 
D- The owner does not take responsibility for the losses or damages concerning the personal belongings of the clients. § C - D.
A – In any event, the boat is considered accepted by the Hirer when the balance and the bond have been paid and that the boat inventory has been signed. The Boat Owner undertakes to provide a boat in perfect working condition and cleanliness state, equipped andto be used for its planned route and navigation category in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations.
B – The description of the boat and its equipment and fittings is stated on an inventory which must be given to the Hirer at the same time as the official table listing the instruments, documents and mandatory boating equipment, the francization and the safety certificate of the vessel. The Hirer has an hour from the moment he takes over the boat to verify the good condition of the boat and its equipment. The broker tries  to provide a berth free of charge in the port of embarkation the day of the rental. Signature of the takeover document is tantamount to acknowledgment by the lessee of the proper operating condition and cleanness of the boat, with the exception of hidden defects.
A The lessee undertakes to use the boat prudently, complying with the regulations of the Maritime Affairs Department, the Customs and the Police of France and of the foreign ports of call. Minor lessees must produce written authorization from their parents or guardian. The lessees have to wear lifejackets.
B – The lessee affirms that he possesses the knowledge and experience required for the sailing he planes to do, as well as the permits demanded by the Maritime Affairs Department for operating boats.
C – The owner or its representative reserves the right to refuse delivery of the boat if the skipper or the crew do not appear to have sufficient competency notwithstanding the references, certificates or permits presented, or for any other reason of which he is the sole judge. In that event, the lessee shall either have to agree to pay the expense of a professional skipper or have his contract cancelled, without any of the amounts paid being returned to him and without either of the parties being entitled to claim damages and interest.
D – In any event, in case a professional skipper is hired in the interest of proper boat operation, the lessee shall remain fully and entirely responsible for the boat and for its crew.
E – The lessee undertakes to embark only the authorized number of persons aboard. He undertakes to use the boat only for pleasure sailing excluding any commercial operation, professional fishing, transport, regattas or any other use. The lessee explicitly releases the owner from any liability as ship-owner or otherwise in connection with any shortcoming in compliance with these prohibitions and shall bear sole liability, vis a vis the Maritime Affairs Department and Customs for trials, proceedings, fines and confiscations incurred by him in this connection, even in case of an involuntary fault on his part. In case of seizure of the rented boat, the lessee shall be required to pay a contractual obligatory indemnity to the owner corresponding to the rental rate in effect.
F – The lessee is responsible for keeping the log, a copy of which is supplied by the lesser. This is a document in which one must enter the indications relating to sailing and a report on all incidents and damage relating to the boat and to the sailing.
G – In case of loss or damage during the rental period resulting from normal wear and tear of the equipment, the lessee is authorized to take the initiative immediately, on his own responsibility, for repair or replacement as long as the amount does not exceed 10% of the amount of the security deposit paid at the time of departure. The said out of pocket expenses will be reimbursable at the time of his return upon submission of the invoice, if the damage or loss is not due to fault or negligence on the lessee’s part or on the part of the persons carried. The lessee must necessarily consult the owner with respect to all repairs exceeding that amount.
H – In case of serious damage (dismasting, leakage, fire, etc…), the lessee is required to inform the owner or its representative as well as the insurance broker urgently thereof and to request instructions. Pending receipt thereof, the lessee shall be required to have a report drawn up by an average adjustor in order to obtain reimbursement from the insurance company for the amounts incumbent on him. In case the lessee does not carry out this formality, he may be required to pay all the expenditures caused by the damage.
I – Loss of possession resulting from the damage occurring during the present rental will not be the object of any reimbursement, even in part, for the amount of the said rental, whatever the cause of the damage may be, unless it is not attributable to the renter. Even, in the latter case, a deductible of 48 hours will be applied.
J – Subletting or lending the boat are strictly prohibited.
K – In case of mobilization of the vessel due to improper use or misuse of the vessel by the client, the latter will not be reimbursed for the rental.
L – Pets (dogs, cats etc.) are not allowed on board.
A – The lessee is required to return to the designated port within the times agreed under the present contract, in the absence of a later friendly agreement confirmed in writing. Upon his return, the lessee must report his presence to the owner or to its representative thereof and must make an appointment for purposes of inventory and of boat inspection, the inspection taking place only after all baggage and occupants have left the boat. The lessee is guaranteed a berth free of charge in the port of embarkation and for the time or day of the expected return. The cleaning and inventory times are integral part of the rental period provided for in the contract.
B – The lessee has to pay a compensation of 50 Euros for every quarter hour he is delayed beyond the scheduled time. Every day of lateness shall entitle the owner to an indemnity equivalent to twice the daily price of the present rental, whatever the cause of the delay may be. Bad weather cannot be called upon as a valid reason, the skipper having to take all appropriate steps at the appropriate time to counter such a possibility. 
C – If for any reason whatsoever, the lessee is not in a position to bring the boat back to its designated return port himself, he shall have to provide for custody thereof at his own expense and risk and have the boat brought back by a qualified skipper, after having informed the owner or its representative thereof of this fact in writing. The rental shall end only after the return of the boat to the owner under the conditions set forth above.
D – The lessee is required to return the boat and its equipment in good operating condition and clean. If the return condition is satisfactory, the security deposit is returned to the lessee within one month following the boat redelivery.
E – If the boat is not returned perfectly cleaned, the cleaning expenses shall be paid by the lessee.
F – If deterioration or loss is noted, whether of the boat or of any accessory whatsoever mentioned in the inventory, the lessee is required to pay the cost either of its repair or of its replacement by an identical item. To this end, an amount may be deducted from the security deposit.
G – If the deterioration or loss results from a claim covered by the insurance policy provided for in article 4, refund of the guarantee shall be deferred until payment by the insurance company of the repair or replacement invoices. The reimbursement will be made after deduction of the deductible provided for and of all accidental expenses that may have been entailed by the loss (telegram, telephone, travel, reports, custody, etc…).
In case of bad weather before the departure from the port, no refunds will be paid but it will be possible to reschedule the event within a period of 12 months. If, however, it proves impossible to agree on another date, 5% of the total amount of the rental will not be refunded. Where the rental is cancelled for personal reasons, the amount of the rental will not be refunded.
The following are to be paid by the lessee : the engine fuels, lubricants, spark plugs, cooking gas, electric batteries, port fees and tolls, if any, breakdowns, if any and, in a general way, all consumable materials required for proper operation and maintenance of the boat during the rental period.
The parties signing the contract shall be entitled to submit their disputes in connection with the application of the present contract to the ‘Commission Tripartite de Conciliation’, an emanation of the management organization of the Charter. In case no solution is found, jurisdiction shall be explicitly assigned to the Courts of the district of Grasse.

Do you have a question that the FAQ does not answer?
Contact us by phone at or +33(0)6 58 92 15 86 or send us an email on easy@easyboatbooking.com


The team at Easy Boat Booking love to hear back from you - how was your trip? anything we can improve? Feel free to pop us an email

"Hi Nicole, Just a quick email to say thank you for organising our trip. We had a great time and Mark was a great skipper.
Kind regards, Emma"

Emma Danforth
28th October 2013

* Emma rented the Zar 57 Welldeck from Villefranche-sur-mer


"Nicole, back from St Tropez and just reporting that the boat rental was superb . Great kit,very accommodating in the circumstances of very inclement weather. We eventually had a superb day. I would not hesitate( and indeed will) use you again.
Great facilities location handover handback etc etc. Kind regards Stu"
Stuart Mcclellan
4th October 2013
St Tropez

*Stuart rented the Stingher 606 from Saint-Tropez

"Been here multiple times. Probably one of the best deals to get such a new boat for 1100 euros for the half day. Office in Villefranche is a little hard to find the first time, it’s opposite the Welcome Hotel and up some steps. I also advise anyone else to hire a boat with a storage compartment, me and my family like to go pretty fast so the boat can get pretty wet! It’s good to have a place to put your bags with your valuables etc. The staff are always friendly and multilingual which is great for us.  One time this summer another customer even broke the fuel tank of the boat I was due to rent, and they found me an even better replacement for the same price for the next day, which was great. Altogether great place to rent a boat, use Easy Boat Booking if you’re on the French Riviera. "
Alexander Sifoni
11th August 2013
St Jean Cap Ferrat

*Alexander rented our new motor boat PRESTIGE 34S from Beaulieu sur mer

"Great boat, very organized, efficient service. Completely flexible with my family and what we wanted to do. Highly recommend the yacht Primatist G53 which we picked up in Beaulieu sur mer end of July. Excellent quality and good speed. 5 amazing days onboard!"
Michael Van Der Luntl
29th July 2013
Beaulieu sur mer

*Michael and his family were on our brand new yacht PRIMATIST G53 from Beaulieu sur mer

"We're a  group of us girls and we hired a boat for the day in Nice from Easy Boat Booking. The day before, we were told that the weather was too bad for the rental and that we could either be refunded or postpone to another day. They were so helpful and went out of their way to make sure that we managed to move the rental to another day. Fortunately we were in the area for a week, so we postponed it to the following day and had a fantastic day out visiting the sights and swimming. We even had a go on the Do’Nut which was brilliant fun (especially for families, my kids would have loved it!) The little office dog was so adorable, we wanted to take her home with us! Overall brilliant service and entirely worth the money for such a unique day out!"
Emma Rogers with Jemma, Lily, Sarah, Julie and Hannah 
17th July 2013 

*Emma and her friends were on our new large semi rigid boat Mainstream 800 

"Easy Boat Booking were a great company to rent a boat with. Me and my friends were here on a stag do and had a day out on a brilliant brand new semi-rigid boat. I have a boat licence so we didn’t need to hire a skipper. The boat handled great and the staff were kind and informative. And they gave us a bottle of champagne to celebrate! Couldn’t really ask for much more. Would recommend. "
Pete and friends
1st July 2013
St Jean Cap Ferrat

*Pete rented our brand new boat ZAR 57

"Myself and my family spent a week in Beaulieu-sur-mer this June for a summer holiday. We wanted to rent a small boat for a day out and found this website. Trip was great, boat was wonderful, the skipper spoke English (a must, for us!), and was very kind and knowledgeable. We visited the Lerins Islands, near Cannes – highly recommended! We will certainly be coming back next year! Thank you Easy Boat Booking!"
John and Elsa,
22nd June 2013

* John and Elsa rented our brand new motor boat RANIERI 21S from Beaulieu sur mer

"Dessy, we had a good day on the boat today. Thank you for your help in finding it for us. Regards Marianne"
Marianne Barrow, 15 June, 2012

Rent the Leader 805 like Marianne did! 

"Hi Easy Boat Booking, your service throughout the entire process has been second to none and I can’t thank you enough.  We will definitely use you again and recommend you.
Kind regards, 
Julie "
Julie Shepherd, 27th May 2012, Monaco

* If you want to rent the same boat as Julie just click here. 

"Hi Dessy, just a note to say a great big thankyou on behalf of myself, Graham and Alan for our boat trip from Nice into Monaco, it was wonderful. Please pass on our thanks to the skipper who was great. We had a great weekend at the grand prix and we all agreed the boat trip was the icing on the cake !!! Many thanks once again, regards, Phil"
Philip, 26th May 2012

* Rent the
same boat as Phil.

"Jenny thank you very much. It was enjoyable trip. My friends and kids are happy. We are thinking to order next trip probably at 26th I will let you know!  My regards."
Mr. Vitalys, 13 June, 2011

Rent the same boat as Mr Vitalys! Sunseeker Portofino 48

"Thank you so much for helping me organise the day yesterday. It was absolutely fantastic and everyone had a wonderful, wonderful time. We will definitely be doing it again.......and hopefully soon! The boat was perfect and the skipper, Thierry, was an absolute star! "
Rachel, Valbonne, 18 August, 2010

"Thanks Jenny, had a great day with Brian yesterday, really exactly what we wanted. Now considering buying a boat...!! "
Juliet Jarvis, 12 August, 2010

"Thanks easyboatbooking for finding us a small boat for cheap from Cannes. We had a great day on the island off Cannes and the kids loved it! Hopefully we will be back again next year."
Susie. C, London, July 2010  

"I must admit I was suprised you responded to my email enquiry at midnight from your mobile device, from that moment I felt I had to rent my boat from you - thank you so much we had a blast crusing up to St. Tropez. Great service, great price, easy..."
Mick. T, Scotland, July 2010  

" Thanks Jenny, we had  lovely trip around Beaulieu sur Mer on the sports boat, the skipper was really nice. Thanks for locating us a boat at the very last minute"

Sarah. P, Sweden, June 2010


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