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Glitz, Glamour, & Yachts: Festival de Cannes May 2014

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The 67th Annual Festival de Cannes  is nearly 5 months away and the festival veterans are already organizing their stay such as renting a yacht, hotel rooms, and even a private beach. During these 10 over-the-top, spectacular, and overwhelming days, hundreds of thousands people including tourists, celebrities, and residents will flood the streets of Cannes with a camera and a pair of high-heels on.

For film directors and movie buffs, the Festival de Cannes is very important to the entire film industry and their careers, but to the casual bystander, the Festival de Cannes is a time when you can spot A-list Hollywood celebrities casually walking down La Croisette and also a good time to even act like a real celebrity.

One of the main attractions during the festival are the nice cars and transportation used by the celebrities. The most popular of all transportation are the mega yachts. For the Festival de Cannes rookies, it is important to know that there is high demand for yacht charters and boats during this time so if you are interested in experiencing the Festival on board a yacht, then you should begin researching boat rentals as soon as possible. Here at Easy Boat Booking, we can help you do just that. Give us a call or mail us an inquiry and we will be sure to find you the boat of your dreams for the Festival de Cannes.