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Sailboat charter Classic Ketch

498 €/day
Sailboat charter Classic Ketch
Sailboat charter Classic Ketch
Sailboat charter Classic Ketch
Sailboat charter Classic Ketch

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Rent the stunning 47ft Classic Ketch to enjoy the beautiful crystal clear waters of the Caribbean island Antigua. This is the perfect sailboat to enjoy Antigua’s impressive coral reefs as its shallow draft is ideal for manoeuvring close to the reefs allowing you to snorkel. Don’t worry if you don’t feel like over-exerting yourself there is ample deck space for you to soak up the rays and just relax in the Caribbean sun. There is an option to have a buffet lunch on board complete with BBQ or, you can always be dropped off at a local beach side restaurant to enjoy the local cuisine.

There are a variety of day cruises available:

The Super Day Cruise:
Spend 8 hours cruising around the island, relaxing, snorkelling whatever takes your fancy and there is also the option to see the sunset with a complimentary glass of champagne in hand.

The Special Day Cruise:
This 6 hour cruise is the perfect  blend of time and relaxation. It is partcularly appropriate for Antigua's Cruise Ship visitors whith the option of a a collect/return service from/to the Cruise Ship Dock in St. John's.

The Lunch Cruise:
Here you have two options one cruise of 4 hours and the other of 5 during which you will sail to a nearby bay to enjoy a buffet lunch either on board or at a beach side restaurant.

The Sunset Cruise:
Enjoy a late afternoon cruise before anchoring to enjoy the sunset with a glass of champagne in hand, ideal for honeymoons, anniversaries and proposals!

Prices for the cruises vary depending on the number of people. Please see the table below:
2 4 6 8 10 12
Sunset US$380/253€ US$360/281€ US$405/316€ US$455/354€ US$505/39€ US$545/425 Champagne
4hr Lunch US$420/327€ US$465/362€ US$525/409€ US$590/460€ US$650506€ US$715/557€ Champagne, Cruise Ship Collect/Return Service
5hr Lunch US$525/409€ US$600/467€ US$680/529€ US$765/596€ US$850/662€ US$935/727€ Champagne, Cruise Ship Collect/Return Service
Special Day US$630/491€ US$735/573€ US$840/654€ US$945/736€ US$1050/818€ US$1155/899€ Champagne, Cruise Ship Collect/Return Service
Super Day US$810/630€ US$935/728€ US$1060/825€ US$1190/926€ US$1315/1024€ US$1445/1125€
Skipper and hostess included.

Please contact us for more boat rental information on timings and pricing.

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